UOW Pulse is committed to taking our environmental and community responsibilities seriously. 

UniBar recognised by Surfriders Australia

UniBar has become the first bar at an Australian university to receive 'Ocean Friendly' accreditation by the Surfrider Foundation Australia.

The Ocean Friendly Program, recognises businesses who are taking action on plastic pollution by implementing measures to reduce single-use plastic items at their source and demonstrating a commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts. 

UniBar Sustainability

UniBar has been leading the sustainability change and has reduced its waste to landfill by 84% (from 12000L to 1920L per week). Initiatives include: 

  • Replacing plastic packaging with certifiable alternatives made from renewable resources. 
  • Replacing single use cups with reusable polycarbonate cups and removing removing plastic straws has eliminated the use of approximately 50,000 cups and 10,000 straws per year. 
  • Installation of a Pulpmaster waste to energy system to pulp food waste and compostable food packaging. This system is diverting approximately 2700kg of organic waste from landfill each week. 
  • Provision of general waste, recycling and organic waste bins. Staff sort through bins to remove contamination before disposal. 
  • The introduction of a soft plastic bin and recycling process.
  • Introduction of a vegan option menu to reduce carbon footprint. (UOW was named Australia's most Vegan Friendly by PETA).

Pulse is working to implement these initaives and others across its other owned and managed outlets on campus. 

'Setting the Bar' for sustainability

The UOW UniBar is leading the way in environmental initiatives. Along with installing the Pulpmaster 5000 earlier this year, UniBar have started using biodegradable cutlery, ditched plastic straws and have developed separated recycling bins with printed directions for students. Watch the short video below to check out all the great things the UOW UniBar been doing to help the environment.

UniShop to introduce Recover Textile System

In 2018 Unishop will introduce an environmentally friendly new merchandise line - the Recover Upcycled Textile System. This system reduces landfill, saves textile waste, plastic bottles, water, hazardous chemicals, CO2 emissions and energy! Check out the video below to find out all the great things that Recover is doing to make a positive change to our planet. 

We can’t wait to start stocking Recover merchandise at Unishop and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.  

we're ditching our bag habit 

From 24 July 2017 all UOW Pulse owned campus outlets will be plastic bag free at the register. Instead of a plastic bag, customers can bring their own bag; grab a cardboard box free of charge (at IGA) or opt for one of the low cost sustainable bag options. 

For the first ‘bag free’ fortnight (24 July – 6 August) the IGA will be providing a reusable IGA bag free of charge with every purchase over $10 (one bag per person per day).

Outlets going bag free include IGA, UniShop, UniBar, UniActive, Post Office, Rush, Fuel and Boost. Pulse is currently working to reducing the use of single use plastics across other campus outlets.

byo cup and save 30 CENTS AT RUSH OUTLETS

Help us reduce the use of takeaway coffee cups on campus. Bring your own cup or mug to any Rush Coffee outlet and we will give you 30 cents off your coffee! 

the pulpmaster

 In 2017, Pulse invested in a waste to energy system. Housed at UniBar the Pulpmaster500 converts food waste and compostable food packaging to a pulp which is used by Sydney Water to produce biogas to fuel their water treatment plant.

Last reviewed: 14 February, 2018