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The UOW Pulse Student Advisory Committee is made up of UOW students, keen to see positive change around campus and help create a University environment that we can be proud of. 

Daniel Crameri S

Daniel Crameri

Daniel is currently studying towards a Masters in Work Health and Safety at UOW. Being well versed in all aspects of the student experience he is passionate in helping drive UOW Pulse to succeed in the creation a dynamic and engaging campus. Daniel’s vision for student culture is one of participation and involvement throughout a student’s time at UOW. Daniel hopes to see positive change during his time on the Student Advisory Committee. 

Cameron Meaney
Cameron MeanEy

Cameron is currently pursuing a double degree of Laws and Commerce (International Economics). His aim is to contribute in a meaningful way to the local community. He created and organises the initiative ‘Young Clothes For Homelessness’, and is the Social Justice Officer of the Law Students Society. He believes the Student Advisory Committee provides an avenue for students to participate in improving the University experience.


Anne Fernando

Anne is currently in her penultimate year of a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Honours) degree. Anne is an international student and she moved to Wollongong from Sri Lanka in 2015 as a Dean Scholar recipient. She is currently serving as the Vice President of Events of the UOW Women in STEM Society and as the Secretary of the UOW Economics and Finance Society. She is also the STEM Ambassador with Engineering and Information Sciences Outreach. Through her role in the Student Engagement Advisory Committee, Anne would like to see every UOW student grab on to all the amazing experiences and opportunities that UOW has to offer.

Bailey Bond

Bailey Bond

Bailey is a third year Bachelor of Commerce Student majoring in Management and works in Event Management at the University. Bailey is a domestic student who grew up locally in the Illawarra Region and is passionate about enhancing the student experience. Bailey has had the privilege to visit over 10 different universities around the globe and hopes to implement ideas at UOW which will enrich the student experience and hopes to use the Student Advisory Committee as a medium to do this.

Tam Nguyen

Tammy Nguyen

Tammy came to UOW seven months ago to start her bachelor degree in Business (Accounting major). Besides discovering about life in Australia and particularly in Wollongong, she also wishes to challenge herself in a different position rather than only a first-year student. She believes that with her vision of UOW as an international student, she can be the voice of international students to contribute to the quality of university life, enhance student engagement and create a more dynamic environment at UOW.


Eddi Raglus

Eddi is in her second year of a Creative Arts degree majoring in Theatre at UOW. She enjoys getting involved with various volunteering opportunities both on and off campus and has been a residential student leader for UOW since moving to Wollongong at the beginning of 2016. Eddi hopes to see positive change around campus during her time on the Student Advisory Committee.

Last reviewed: 12 October, 2017