About Us

UniCentre Giving

UniCentre and the University of Wollongong help change people’s lives.

Through education, research and community service, the University shapes who we are and how we live, work and play.

Our wish at UniCentre is to broaden this reach even further…

We aim to assist our local and international communities by applying our skills to manage the real needs of our society.

From sustainable development and minimal greenhouse gas emissions to better programs aimed at reducing the suffering of people living with cancer.

So why do we do it?...Because of the difference it makes…because improvement is important to our future…because we all want to improve our lives…and because together we can create a better future.

UniCentre proudly supports the following organizations:

  • UOW Cares


    This is UniCentre's main organisation, which we support in various ways throughout the year.

    Relay for Life

  • http://www.relay.cancercouncil.com.au/

    In 2009, UniCentre supported this annual event by offering an in-kind sponsorship of $5,500 to the Cancer Council (per Relay for Life).

  • Tear Australia

  • http://www.tear.org.au/

    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise: The instore TEAR fundraiser on 3rd Dec 2008 raised a total of $1155.00; raising much needed valuable funds for this organization.

  • One Water


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -All wholesale prices of water sold goes directly to creating fresh water in Africa and towards funding amazing roundabout PlayPumps® in Africa.

  • Amnesty International


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -Annual events held at the UniBar:

    2007 : The Herd

    2008 :  Blue King Brown

    Approximately more than $20,000 was raised from these above 2 events.

  • Pink Ribbon


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -Pink Ribbon Breakfast: The University Conference & Function Centre proudly donates advertising via their website, auction sites, maintenance of the website, free room hire, heavily discounted catering and approaches and collects donations from external businesses.

  • Fred Hollows


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -Indigenous Literacy Day: The UniShop proudly supported Indigenous Literacy Day on 3rd Sep 2008 whereby 20% of sales on this day went towards this project. UniCentre Marketing also provided free advertising to staff and students via a ‘Whats On’ banner in its weekly email.

  • The Cancer Council


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -Wollongong UniCentre was proudly involved with the Illawarra’s Relay for Life in 2008, whereby the fundraising tally to date has reached over $230,000. For the certificate and photos from this event, please click here.

  • The Shepherd Centre

    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -Wollongong UniCentre was proudly involved in LOUD Shirt Day, in both 2008 & 2009. In 2009, a total of $356.25 was raised for this fundraiser. In 2010, a total of $233.00 was raised. http://www.loudshirtday.com.au

  • University Children’s Christmas Party


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -The University Conference & Functions Centre has provided free printed tickets, free online registration and discounted food and beverage packages.

  • City to Surf


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -The University Conference & Function Centre provides catering and registration at this event, as well as advertising and promotional space on its website. It provided catering (food, drinks & fruit), to the value of $2000.

  • Wollongong City Council


     Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -Wollongong City Council Giving Tree: UniCentre proudly supports and accepts donations for gifts that go to underprivileged children, on behalf of Wollongong City Council. Click here to see the image of the 2008 results.

    -Friends of Wollongong Library: The UniShop has provided a lucky door prize, as well as a 10% discount on the purchase of any books on the day, as well as a 10% discount instore, anytime.


  • CBCA Illawarra


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -10% of all sales made during the events attended at the UniShop goes towards CBCA Illawarra, in the form of gift vouchers.

  • Wollongong City Gallery


    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -Just Imagine: Wollongong UniShop is proud to be the principal sponsor of this innovative program for the past 4 years. The program encourages children’s creative writing skills, by the exploration of real and imagined worlds experienced through close engagement with art. The UniShop kindly donates book vouchers and prizes to the competition winners.

  • Michael Kent Golden Page Award

    Fundraisers/Charity work comprise:

    -UniShop is proud to be associated with this award, whereby it assists this Year 9 Reading Competitions by donating $200.00 worth of books.

    UniCentre is also proudly associated with, and sells merchandise for: Bandanna Day, Red Nose Day, Daffodil Day, Jeans for Genes Day, and LOUD shirt day.

    UniCentre outlets also proudly accept donations for, and sells giftcards for the following charities at the UniCentre Post Office: Cerebal Palsy League, Mater Hopsital’s Trust, Richmond Foundation, Whitlam Institute, Smith Family, and the Australian Red Cross.

    10% of all sales made from the following charities at the Post Office also go to the respective organizations, including: Smith Family, MS Australia, Salvation Army, Kids Help Line, and World Vision.

Last reviewed: 20 June, 2013