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UniCentre Student Engagement Advisory Group

The UniCentre Student Engagement Advisory Group (USEAG) was formed to represent the UOW student community in regards to student engagement programs. 

The USEAG makes recommendations and feedback on the development of CSE services. They are the representatives of the student body and assist in allocating the C & S Annual Awards.

The members of USEAG sit for a term of 12 months, from November 2011  through to November 2012 with a requirement to meet four times throughout that period, in February, May, October and November. 

The group consists of two (2) Clubs and Societies Representatives, two (2) CSE Program Student Representatives, two (2) UniCentre Board Of Directors Representatives and one (1) CSE staff member.

Elections for the 2012 USEAG Committee are now open and if you want to nominate someone, or yourself, please go to UniCentre Student Engagement Advisory Group and complete the nomination form and drop it into the CSE office in Building 11 by the 7th of October .