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Who are we?

Wollongong UniCentre is the social hub of the University of Wollongong.  We offer entertainment and activities, food and retail, student involvement and much more.  We offer a complement to academic life with our sole purpose of enhancing the student experience. 

UniCentre's activities and facilities are instrumental in bringing the diverse University population together, to ensure that the years spent at University result in more than just a degree. Long-term friendships, useful skills and shared experiences will also be gained.  

You can join a club or society, join in the fun of one of our many entertainment activities, register for a short course, join UniCrew and volunteer your time in developing skills.  We also offer many facilities and spaces for groups to meet.

The UniCentre is a non-profit organisation receiving its income from our trading operations. The UniCentre uses these funds to build new facilities, provide services for the benefit and welfare of its members, and provide recreation, artistic, cultural and developmental events for the University and the wider community.


UniCentre to be a deciding factor in experiencing UOW.


Our mission is to create services, spaces and activities that enhance the University experience, funded by maximising the commercial returns of our business operations.

Our Values

  • Integrity - we will be honest, ethical and moral
  • Flexibility - we will be flexible to changing needs
  • Efficiency - we always seek efficiencies
  • Engagement - we will engage with our community
  • Leadership - we believe and will deliver our values

Through the coming five years UniCentre is committed to build engaging retail, service and entertainment precincts in line with the development plans of UOW to ensure our campuses are recognised as vibrant modern environments. This model will be seen by our peers, national and internationally, as a shining example of a vibrant modern University within an evolving city.

Our Strategic Plan provides the platform for achieving this focusing on six goals to deliver the strategy. 
Download our Strategic Plan here for full details