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Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Make your mark. Promote your product or service to a captive audience of 18 – 24 year olds.

Who are Gen Y’s?  Sharp thinkers, inquisitive minds, witty humour, aspiring talents and the future of our country – these are the vivid expressions used to describe the generation Y group.  Organisations are faced with incredible opportunities when marketing to this demographic.

How do you find the appropriate channels to market to this audience? The answer is simple, access this group through our promotional opportunities of sponsorship and advertising.  Our packages provide the perfect opportunity for organisations to become involved and communicate your product or service to this lucrative group.

Why target UOW students?  As a regional campus our students have less exposure to promotional activities than students of metro campuses.  This means UOW students are more likely to be receptive to new products or special deals on services.

To discuss opportunities contact:

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
P: 4221 8171
E: uc-marketing@uow.edu.au